Social Cities & Citizen-generated Contexts

Talks; Designing Participatory Smart Cities – Bristol 18 December 2015


Fred Garnett has been working on developing post Web 2.0 models of learning, such as th Open Context Model of Learning and the Emergent Learning Model. This resulted in trying to develop learning environments “beyond the classroom” especially as “Ambient Learning Environments.” We tested this in the Ambient Learning City projects in Manchester, developing the MOSI-ALONG community content (JISC) project to develop socially inclusive social media processes designed to help citizens engage with the knowledge economy. We learnt a lot, especially about the need for Social Cities rather than smart cities, and we are now disseminating what we learnt.

Carl Smith is a context engineer, who has been working with mobile technology and on developing “learner-generated contexts.” He is head of research at Ravensbourne

We both take a user-centric approach to the use of technology and are interested in creating future environments that are participatory and democratic, or citizen-centric.


Ambient Learning City


Social Cities of Tomorrow

Everything is a Metaphor


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